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Nai.sho.la ~ a place of happiness

Naishola, our place of happiness, is inspired from the Maasai word which means ‘gift’. Our multicultural heritage & family farm has been the ultimate gift of happiness for us.

Mature trees on the farm planted decades ago, (many of them today are endangered) quiet fresh winds blowing through the valleys, and distant sounds of birds singing have always provided a profoundly peaceful and calming environment that we have enjoyed.

Together with the sweeping green grass, charming flowers and peaceful river valley, Naishola is a natural, magical setting where special moments are inevitable. 

We are now honoured to share these exquisite and charming gardens with you and your guests – a gift that gives us happiness to share with the world.

We are located along Limuru Road, less than 2km away from St Paul’s University main gate. Find our location here on Google Maps.

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